Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Market Alert - Pre-Market

Futures vs FV: SP +4.63; DJ +104.6; NASDAQ +9.04

Slow news feed, or at least the market is again treating it that way. There is no real new news and the market, in an uptrend with the Fed backing off, at the present has few fears.

FOMC: Powell met with the President for an informal dinner. Powell purportedly told Trump that the FOMC was data dependent. Really . . .

State of the Union address tonight. Much rejoicing. Yea.

Earnings remain the dominant news, as they should.

Beats: EL; PBI (TL); CNC; GOOG; STX (BL)

Misses: VIA (TL); ADM (TL, BL); CHD (BL); GILD (BL). Lots of bottom line misses today versus all the top line misses.

Upgrades: MRK; BKNG; BOX

Downgrades: KHC

AAPL: Reached an agreement with France settling its tax issues.

GOOG: Nowhere near the weak open it looked to be last night as it was flirting with a gap fill at 1100ish. Showing 1117 premarket and that is the 200 day MA support.

Bonds: 2.718% vs 2.725%. Bonds rally off the test, still holding a bid as the Fed backs off.

EUR/USD: 1.1429 vs 1.1442

USD/JPY: 109.87 vs 109.87

Oil: 54.05, -0.51. Off but holding the move up off 52.50 support

Gold: 1319.80, +0.50. Holding its bid, holding its gains. Makes sense given the Fed's pause.

Futures up to start, trending ever so slightly higher into the open. Not a big gap and sit, but a slow rise to the bell. The same upside bias is providing the lift today. Whereas Monday started slower, today is not a big move, but more of the same steady movement of buyers. Thus far nothing is getting way of the levitation and stocks are set to continue the move higher with NASD, SP500 moving toward the 200 day MA. DJ30 continues its move higher above that level. Watching SOX to see how it recovers today after lagging Monday.

Jon Johnson, Chief Market Strategist

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